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Current Concepts is a custom home technologies solution provider based in the Lehigh Valley. Our focus is to offer our clients the best technology solution within their budget; while offering unparalleled service before, during, and after the project. Our process of meeting with the client to determine the goals and scope of the project is unique to our company, and is one of the many reasons for our success.

Current Concepts Team

Eric Haas

Eric Haas started in 2005 as a part-time technician and quickly took on the role of programmer and system designer. In 2019, Eric purchased Glen Hill’s, shares of Current Concepts. Now the majority shareholder, Haas is the new face and owner of Current Concepts. In addition to his sales and system designer responsibilities, Eric holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University and has an in-depth knowledge of system designs and theater systems.

Susan Smith is the Office Manager at Current Concepts. Susan has provided the firm with her knowledge and expertise in office management, marketing, and administration since 2011. Her leadership and vast office management experience includes architecture, engineering and construction firms which, contribute to a more efficient work environment. Her commitment to keeping the projects going smoothly and on budget has proven to be invaluable to the firm along with her excellent follow through, interpersonal – communication, and organization skills.

Kevin Pardo has been Current Concepts Programmer since 2017. His focus is programming systems to not only work reliably, but to also make them as easy and enjoyable to use as possible for our clients. Kevin comes from owning his own custom installation business and over a dozen years in the IT and Networking industry.

Tim Corby joined Current Concepts in 1999 as the General Manager. In 2017, Corby began his retirement. While still a shareholder in Current Concepts, Tim leaves to day-to-day operations to Haas.

Austin Prass joined Current Concepts during the recovery of the Pandemic in 2020. Austin has been working with construction projects since he was in Middle School and has an extensive IT background. An Eagle Scout, Silver Cord Community Service volunteer, and a bit of a perfectionist, Austin is an well rounded addition to Current Concepts.

Why Should You Work With Us?

Finding a custom technologist / integrator to design your home systems seems like an overwhelming venture. Hiring a technologist / installer is really no different than hiring an architect, interior designer or other professional. The most important factor to consider is experience.

Current Concepts is a custom home automation and audio-visual installation company located in the Lehigh Valley that has served the tri-state area for over thirty years. We specialize in custom design and installation of:

  • Whole Home Automation
  • Lutron Lighting and Shade Control
  • Home Theaters
  • Media and Gaming Rooms
  • Music and Video Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • IT Networks
  • Service and Support

Navigating the installation process can be an overwhelming task. Allow the experienced team of professionals at Current Concepts to assist you in finding the appropriate set up for your home, as well as installing the equipment and supporting it well after the system is complete. We excel in designing a system that is user friendly and suited to your individual needs. Whether your home is new construction or you are remodeling your existing home, Current Concepts will work with you to fulfill your every home automation need.

The decision to automate your home is a big one. To help in your decision making process, Current Concepts offers, by appointment, tours of our fully-automated, 4,000 square foot show home, conveniently located in Coopersburg, PA. Contact our office at 610-791-4458 to set up your tour today.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Current Concepts Team

In 1985, portable bag phones were just being introduced. Computer geeks were contemplating the impact of the Macintosh and loving the 3.5 floppy disk. Windows 1.0 was cutting edge. Japanese upstart Nintendo announced they’re importing their Family Computer to the US and their invention of the “SD TV’s.

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