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Home Automation

Current Concepts’ Show Home was recently featured on PBS 39 Tech Takeover. Please enjoy the segment below!

Home Automation Installation is used to simplify and enhance your lifestyle by developing customized home systems that contribute to the comfort, convenience and luxury of your home. Control your lighting, climate, music, and network all from one easy-to-use smart device. Carry your smart device with you on errands or vacation and still have the ability to control your entire home. Your home automation system is there for you when you aren’t.

Experience All Features of Home Automation

Lighting Systems

Lighting systems allow you to access all of your rooms’ lighting directly from your smart device. Enhance the beauty and energy efficiency of your home with lighting control. Already in bed and forgot to turn off the kitchen lights? Grab your bedside tablet and turn them off with the click of a button. Lighting systems allow you to cut down on power usage and save energy by time of day settings to automatically turn on and off lights according to your needs.

Shade Systems

Shade Systems allow for complete control of every shade in your home. Save energy with time of day settings that automatically block out sunshine in hot summer months, and raise your shades according to the time of day. You can change the whole look and feel of a room with the click of a button. Open your child’s shades to wake them up while you’re downstairs making breakfast – Good Morning sunshine!

Audio & Video Systems

Audio and Video Systems allow you to play symphony quality sound throughout any room in your home. Begin playing your customized playlist, or stream internet radio outside to entertain your guests while you’re cooking on the grill. Never miss the winning touchdown by streaming a big game in every room of your house

Home Theater Systems

Home Theater systems take family movie night to the next level with our 3D and 4K projections. Play from any sources you have available directly on your home theater screen. Live in the moment of any action-packed movie or video game with our surround sound system incorporated into your home theater.

Climate Control

Climate Control allows you to control the temperature of your home 24/7. Out for a run and know you’re going to come home sweating? Turn down the temperature of your home so you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. Going on vacation and forget to adjust the schedule?  No problem, just change the schedule from your smart phone while on the boat!

Security Systems

Home Automation security systems allow you to secure every door and room in your home from one device. Even when you’re already in bed for the night or already left for work in the morning – you can access your home security system any place at any time.

STOP INTRUDERS – With entry and motion sensors; Glassbreak detection; Video security. You can arm and disarm your system and check-in on home from anywhere with WiFi connection.

Current Concepts not only offers solutions to protect and automate your home, but we now offer security monitoring to our services portfolio – making us a one-stop-shop!

Pool and Spa Systems

Pool and Spa systems allow you to control the temperature and functionality of your pool and spa. Long day at work? Turn up the heat and turn on the jets of your Jacuzzi as soon as you pull in your driveway.

Accessed On Any Device

Each of these Home automation systems can be accessed through any electronic device. The easy-to-use interface is created for every person and every device. Each family member can download the home automation Elan g! app on their smart phone or smart device to access all systems. Assembling wall mounts and placing smart remotes throughout your home will make each home automation system easily accessible at any time of the day.

Voice Command

Ever since the days of Star Trek or Jetsons, we have wanted to have control over our home’s with the ease of a simple voice activated command. After years of waiting, this day is finally here! Current Concepts is proud to provide our customers with the opportunity to control their lights, music, security systems, with simple, easy to use commands.

For customers who already have an Amazon Echo and Smart Home Automation System installed, like an Elan or Lutron system, there is no need to buy additional equipment. All you need is to have the latest generation processor or bridge, and have your existing system programmed to work with your new Echo devices.

Elan and Lutron can both be programmed to integrate with an Echo device so it can operate your Smart Home Automation System, such as turning your lights and music on and off, controlling your sprinkler or thermostat just by telling Alexa.

Just think of the possibilites; you come home with your hands full and can now use voice control rather than fumbling for a keypad or smart app. You never have to worry about losing the special remotes that control your home systems. Do you have smart devices spread throughout your home? No need to run more wire. Alexa Voice Commands works over your WiFi. All you need is an Echo or Dot in that room to control those smart devices.

Contact Current Concepts today to see how you can have Voice Control in your home.

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Glen, Eric and Tim have done all of our entertainment and computer work. They have done such a great job...

Great reliable and knowledgeable company! We have been using them for 18 years and we would never use anyone else...


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